So You Bought Yourself a Shiba Inu

See him there,

Walking down the street with that little immaculate dog skippin’ next to him

He’s wearin’ some flannel and thick glasses but damn he been outshone by a canine


Prancin’ down by his Jordans

See how he’s got that unsure look on ‘im

He ain’t sure he can be proud enough

Down inside him he knows that this little pooch for whom he

Doled out the bucks is

Way wide of his presence

She walks like the world is some disgusting lie, nose to the sky

She walks like she was bathed in the hot desert sand and will never be lowered to the like of man

No. In order to reign that hound in he would have to be something extreme

Something that hit the far end of the social pendulum, way out at the fringes

A cocaine princess, a billionaire tiger mom, or the dirtiest drunk you’ve ever seen in the tenderloin.

But he ain’t that. He ain’t much at all.

And now what he thought would bring him into undeniable acclaim

Has made him an accessory to his accessory.


Kitzhaber Fatigue

Gov. John Kitzhaber (D. Ore) has made the not-so-honorable choice of placing the blame for his corruption charges on his fiancé, Cylvia Hayes. The couple have been charged with abusing the office of the governor for a handful of reasons ranging from powerful to pompous, including selling the governors favor to private interests and using government employees for personal work, e.g. changing kitty litter.

Indeed, Hayes might be largely to blame for making arrangements between energy tech companies and the governor, as well as setting up a desk in the governors office, but it begs the question “Where was Kitzhaber during all this?”

Certainly he knew what was going on. How could he not know that his Fiance had a desk set up in his office, the idea is ridiculous. Kitzhaber is in his fourth term as governor. Surely he is familiar with the goings on about his administration and is well aware of the ethical ramifications of them. When asked if he was blinded by love Kitzhaber replied that his eyes were “Wide Open,” according to Willamette Week, which leaves very few options left to diminish his culpability in the publics eye.

Even if he were to use Hayes as a scapegoat, which seems to be the way things are going, he is still responsible for the actions within his administration. By throwing her under the bus he may only succeed only in showing his own negligence.



Longing for a Bleak Midwinter.

California is crossing into its fifth year of severe drought. According to an article by National Geographic, the snowpack is about a quarter at what it should be. This doesn’t bode well for…pretty much anything in California, especially the San Joaquin river delta.

The roughest part is that this is supposed to be California’s wettest time of the year. Tough times now do not bode well for the upcoming summer and experts say a turnaround is unlikely. For the real low down on the issue check out what Nat Geo has to say here.

While cruising through the Internet I came across a poem by Christina Rossetti which I think captures the dark and oppressive atmosphere that winter can have. But under the circumstances it sounds almost nostalgic.

“In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,

Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;

Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,

In the bleak midwinter, long ago.”

Tonight I’m gonna pour some out for California’s snow pack. RIP baby.