So You Bought Yourself a Shiba Inu

See him there,

Walking down the street with that little immaculate dog skippin’ next to him

He’s wearin’ some flannel and thick glasses but damn he been outshone by a canine


Prancin’ down by his Jordans

See how he’s got that unsure look on ‘im

He ain’t sure he can be proud enough

Down inside him he knows that this little pooch for whom he

Doled out the bucks is

Way wide of his presence

She walks like the world is some disgusting lie, nose to the sky

She walks like she was bathed in the hot desert sand and will never be lowered to the like of man

No. In order to reign that hound in he would have to be something extreme

Something that hit the far end of the social pendulum, way out at the fringes

A cocaine princess, a billionaire tiger mom, or the dirtiest drunk you’ve ever seen in the tenderloin.

But he ain’t that. He ain’t much at all.

And now what he thought would bring him into undeniable acclaim

Has made him an accessory to his accessory.

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